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Pet Loss Support Group

Here to Support Each Other

When we lose a loved one, whether they were a human or a pet, it leaves us with a sense of incredible pain and emptiness. The loss of a pet can be devastating for both individuals and families, because this isn’t just the loss of an animal, it’s the loss of a best friend, a family member, and a beloved confidante.

Family Pet Service Cremation offers support during this time of sadness.

Pet Loss Support provides:

Support and comfort to people who are struggling with the death of a beloved companion animal

Confidential telephone support to people dealing with pet loss

Support to people who may be anticipating the loss of a companion animal

Educational resources on the topic of companion animal loss, bereavement, and the human-animal bond

Referrals to one-on-one grief counselling services

Suggestions on ways to remember and honour your pet

Twice monthly support group

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/SaskatoonPetLossSupport

Come together with animal lovers like yourself who wish to discuss their sick or deceased animal and how they are coping. Gatherings are informal and provide a place to share feelings, pictures and stories. The pet loss support group meets the first and third Sunday of every month: 2:00pm, at the Edwards Family Centre, 333 4th Ave North (see note below). 306.343.5322.

Until further notice, meetings will be held at 210A 33rd Street East, Saskatoon.

Open meeting (no obligation to attend on a regular basis). Call if you require telephone support.