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Pet Loss Support Group

Here to Support Each Other

When we lose a loved one, whether they were a human or a pet, it leaves us with a sense of incredible pain and emptiness. The loss of a pet can be devastating for both individuals and families, because this isn’t just the loss of an animal, it’s the loss of a best friend, a family member, and a beloved confidante.

Family Pet Service Cremation offers support during this time of sadness.

Pet Loss Support provides:

Support and comfort to people who are struggling with the death of a beloved companion animal

Confidential telephone support to people dealing with pet loss

Support to people who may be anticipating the loss of a companion animal

Educational resources on the topic of companion animal loss, bereavement, and the human-animal bond

Referrals to one-on-one grief counselling services

Suggestions on ways to remember and honour your pet

Twice monthly support group

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/SaskatoonPetLossSupport

Come together with animal lovers like yourself who wish to discuss their sick or deceased animal and how they are coping. Gatherings are informal and provide a place to share feelings, pictures and stories. The pet loss support group meets the first and third Sunday of every month: 2:00pm, at the Edwards Family Centre, 333 4th Ave North. 306.343.5322.

Open meeting (no obligation to attend on a regular basis). Call if you require telephone support.