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Bev Ashwin

Office Manager and Certified Celebrant

Bev Ashwin is a Celebrant with PrairieView Chapel & Crematorium and specializes in personalized and meaningful funeral services and tributes. 

Bev offers her services as a Celebrant for both people and pets that families have lost.

Bev worked in the Financial Industry for 36 years and took an early retirement in 2013. She often worked with Executors and families regarding estates and found that she was comfortable with grief and emotion. For Bev, talking and listening to people is a true gift.

Bev only relaxed for two months after retirement before she began working part time at Family Pet Cremation Services which is in the same office as PrairieView Chapel & Crematorium. She has been a full-time office manager for four years and is the first face that people see when they walk in the door.

Bev also facilitates the Pet Loss Support Group twice a month at the Edwards Family Centre and provides grieving pet owners a listening ear when they need it.

Why did Bev choose to be a Celebrant?

“My Dad, Wes Ashwin, was (and still is) an inspiration for me to take the Celebrant training. He passed away unexpectedly on July 2018 at the age of 95. He was a United Church minister and along with other duties, he did “celebrant-like” funerals. Everyone wanted Dad to live long enough to bury them. His funerals celebrated their lives. That is what I would like to do! A life lived has a story to tell; friends and family want to hear it and I want to help you. Their life journey does not have to end... it can continue in words and in our hearts.”